Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keep 'em coming!

Looks like we've found over half of our class so far, so thank you! Keep the info coming!! There are still A LOT of people we need to find. We will be posting more details about the reunion in the next couple of weeks, including ticket pricing, so keep your eyes open. It's hard to believe that summer's here and that the big event is coming in a few short months.

Also, we are planning on making a slideshow with pictures from then and now, so we're asking everyone to please email in any pictures you have. Including shots of the old high school and different events (like Homecoming, Senior Ball/Assembly, Graduation, etc etc etc), the burning "M"...just scan them if possible and send via email. We'd appreciate it! In the next few weeks, we're also going to try to setup a photo album with a page for each classmate, so we'll send out a call for that info soon.

This was way longer than I planned, so I'll stop here! :) Thanks again!

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