Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Where are you???

Hi everyone! I have compiled a list of all of the people we have found so far and who we have not found. Here is the list of those "lost" classmates--if you see your name on this list please email us at mailto:mhs.classof1997@gmail.com to get us your current email and contact info ASAP! If your friends are on the list, please get us their info or encourage them to email us ASAP!! We really want to find as many people as possible. We are trying to communicate primarily through email in order to save money on postage and printing, plus it's easy! :)

So, without further ado, here is the list of "losties": :)
**about 178 people**

Dylan Alvey
Jason Andersen
Robert Anzer
Ivy Astorga
Matt Barbee
Lanea Baugh
Rachel Beauregard
Corey Bentley
Brianne Bigelow
Daniel Boettcher
Darren Bolander
Joshua Bowen
Jessica Bryant
Michael Brown
Angela Bryant
Amie Call
Ian Camp
Jason Carlson
Jamie Carnell
Joni Cartwright
Kathleen Cash
Todd Cheney
James Choi
Camalee Christensen
Jenifer Christensen
Cammie Christiansen
Brian Ciccone
Lisa Clark
Jenny Comas
Angie Conley
Shannon Coult
Joshua Cowdell
Mike Dibb
Casie Draper
Stacy Earle
Chris Erickson
Curtis Evans
Adam Ewing
Cameron Fawcett
Colby Ferguson
Jared Fidler
Don Fisher
Walter Frear
Mark Gardner
Ryan Gardiner
Misty Gates
Mike Goates
Jeremy Goff
Matt Goodro
David Grass
Morrie Graves
Ben Gray
Garrett Greenhalgh
Tyler Hall
Orthella Halladay
Christy Hansen
Taylor Hartley
Justin Hathorne
Ruben Hernandez
Ryan Hettinger
Brandon Hill
Pete Hoffman
Joshua Holder
Shawn Hopkin
Emily Horjes
Chris Howa
David Howes
Zac Jacob
Bonnie James
Grant Janke
Tyler Jefferies
Amy Jensen
Bryan Jensen
Beth Jewkes
Brian Johnson
Damon Johnson
Greg Johnson
Karen Johnson
Jennine Jones
Brad Jubber
Brett Kalakis
Jon Kehl
Chad Keller
Amber Kimball
Stephen Koontz
Weston Kubbe
Travis Labrum
Valary Laccoarce
Kami (Langheinrich) Olsen
Justin Lorocco
Melissa Larsen
Monique Lee
Aaron Little
Jason Llewellyn
Ester Longmore
Justin Lowe
Joseph Lund
Jason Lundberg
Aaron Lyon
Jeff Mascherino
Michael Middlemas
Joshua Middleton
Adam Millet
Brooke Murty
Jessica Nielsen
Hiroko Nishimaki
Chris Nye
Jeff Pack
Brian Parker
Amaris Pitts
Julianne Poll
Linda Porter
Allison Potton
Greg Poulsen
Curtis Powell
Terri Preece
Moroni Price
Rachel Reese
Adam Riches
Kellie Richmond
Nick Rindlisbacher
Brett Roberts
Ashley Rogers
Arthur Roll
Eliza Romero
Jessica Samaniego
Kevin Scheid
Janet Seamons
Matt Selders
Roy Shaver
Aliscia Shaw
Benten Shober
Geoff Shupe
David Small
Brett Smith
Rachelle Smith
Jennifer Sorensen
Jill Sorensen
Amy Stahle
Lydia Strachan
Joseph Stubbs
Owen Temby
Russell Thompson
Kevin Thur
Derrick Tuning
Olivia Tymofiejewicz
Yarah Ulibarri
Ryan Vlaardingerbrook
Scott Walker
Troy Wanless
Jonathan Warren
Angela Wiggins
Jaycie Wilde
Nathan Wilde
Eric Willardson
Wayne Williams
Brendalin Witbeck
Brian Wolf
Ellen Woodland
Christina Wright

It's been fun getting in touch with friends and fellow Spartans as we're trying to find everyone! Reunion plans are in full swing, so remember to mark your calendars!! Have a great day!


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