Thursday, July 6, 2017

Venue change for our 20 Year Reunion!

Welcome MHS Class of 1997 Spartans!

********VENUE HAS CHANGED!!!!*******

327 W. 200 S.
SLC, UT 84103

Welcome MHS Class of 1997 Spartans!
Come to our 20 Year Reunion!
When: Saturday August 12, 2017
Where: Finca
Time: 6:30-11:00 pm
Tickets: Ticket sales are now closed!

********VENUE HAS CHANGED!!!!*******

We did not have enough tickets sold to hold our event at Publik. BUT we were very lucky to be able to move the reunion to Finca where we will have an amazing dinner and also a cash bar! 

Finca is a Spanish-inspired restaurant, serving Spanish tapas and updated Spanish dishes, inspired by the many regions of Spain and the local and sustainable ingredients of Utah. Finca is an award winning locally owned resturant. 

Come reunite and reminisce with your fellow '97 Spartans--it's much more fun to see each other in person instead of trying to stay in touch/stalk each other on IG or Facebook! Bring a guest or come solo! Hard to believe it's been 20 YEARS!!! We are excited to see you all.

**Dinner, drinks, mingling and short program**

$45 per person. Last day to buy tickets is Thursday, August 3rd.
We are not going to raise the price of tickets... we just want everyone to come! We have to have a final head count by August 4th, so the absolute last day to buy will be August 3rd. 
Several payment options:
Eventbrite: ($3.47 fee will be added to ticket price)…
Venmo: Murray-High97
Square Cash: MHSreunion97
We've had to pay all deposits out of our own pockets already so please support the reunion and purchase tickets! 
Please send any photos you have from high school AND a current personal or family photo for our slideshow to
What is the dress code?

What can/can't I bring to the event?
Leave your kids at home.  :)

Will there be a cash bar at the event?

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email any questions to or on Facebook.

What about the classmates we have lost?
Please let us know about any of our classmates who have passed away since 1997 by posting it on our Murray High School Class of '97 Facebook page, or emailing us at the address above.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Save the Date for our 20 Year Reunion--AUGUST 12, 2017

Dusting off this 10 year old blog to announce our 20 Year Reunion!

Please mark your calendars Saturday August 12, 2017 to celebrate! It's kind of hard to wrap our brains around the fact that we graduated so long ago. 

We're still working on details but are planning a dinner to be held at Publik in downtown SLC Saturday August 12, from 7-10 pm. More info to come soon, including ticket purchasing information.

For the latest information, join our Facebook group:

Please help spread the word to all our fellow classmates! Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's over!!

Yay! We can breathe a sigh of relief! :) Our 10-year reunion has come and gone, and we had a great time! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend, we had a LOT of people come and that is what made it a big success. We had pretty big numbers especially compared to other schools that I've talked to. We as the reunion committee truly appreciate the words of encouragement and gratitude from our fellow classmates. So THANK YOU!!

We've had a few questions that I'll address really quickly. We are definitely planning to keep this blog going and going...and going.... :) I'd strongly suggest signing up for the free email notification in the sidebar--that way whenever the site is updated you will know about it via email and won't have to keep checking randomly. I will put up a slideshow with the pictures I took at the reunion. If you took any with your camera that you'd like to share, please feel free to email them to us and we'll try to add them in.

**NOTE--my family is moving this week so life is completely hectic. Therefore I won't be updating this blog or adding the slideshow probably for several weeks, just FYI!! We might not have internet for a bit, so please be patient! :)

People have also asked for a directory of some sort to keep contact with old friends. That is something I'd like to make available, but again, that will have to wait until after I get settled into our new house. I will not post anyone's personal email on this blog, but perhaps will send out an email with the info. If you want to opt out of including your email for whatever reason, please let me know.

We'd like this website and our class email to be the information center for our class, so keep it bookmarked and make sure our class email is an "allowed address" in your email service. We want to keep updated with your info to make planning the 20 year even easier! :)

Thanks again, it was wonderful seeing you all and enjoying everyone's company!! Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ticket Sales Closed

We are no longer taking payments for reunion tickets, so our final numbers are in. Thanks to everyone for your interest and support, we really appreciate it!

To review the information about the reunion events, please go to this post:

We are looking forward to seeing everybody on Saturday!! Thanks again!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

MHS 10 Year Reunion CHANGE!!!!!!!!

Hi again, everyone!


We have decided to change the restaurant for the Alumni Dinner, in order to provide less expensive ticket prices so that more people can come. We want everyone who can to be there! We want to reunite! (that sounds cheesy....oh well.) Again, we've spent a lot of time working out the details so please support us and buy tickets!!!!! Over 100 people have bought tickets already.

Family Picnic and Alumni Dinner Package Cost: $25.00 per person
**This is a HUGE savings, people!!
**Those who have already purchased tickets at the previous prices will be refunded the difference within the next several days. (Please be patient--we will work as quickly as possible!)
EDITED TO ADD: All refunds have been made. Please check your emails!

Here are the new details:

Saturday, August 18, 2007
7:00 pm

It will be held at Buca di Beppo, a delicious Italian restaurant with a fun atmosphere.
935 E. Fort Union Blvd. (Midvale)

We will have a "family style" dinner with several selections to chose from. The ticket price will include the dinner, soft drinks, as well as the tip.
There will be a cash bar available.

We will have a short program, possibly a slideshow (not 100% positive on that) and a trivia/questionnaire game with prizes. There will NOT be a DVD of the slideshow provided with the ticket price.

Alumni and guest are invited to attend. (No children, please)
Business Casual attire (Please leave your prom dress and matching PJ's at home!)
Parking is free.

The Family Picnic has not changed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 11:30 am (We have the pavilion until 2:30 pm)
Willow Creek Park (8400 South Highland Drive)

Drinks and a treat will be provided. Please bring your own lunch and a blanket.

We'll kick off the reunion festivities with a fun, casual picnic at the park. Alumni, spouses/significant others, and children are welcome! Bring the whole family along--you know you want to show off your cute kids to your old high school friends. :) If you don't have any kids, feel free to come anyway and take your turn in the bounce house!

Family Picnic and Alumni Dinner Package Cost: $25.00 per person
**Ticket price includes Family Picnic (drinks, treats, activities, etc.) and the Alumni Dinner (Dinner, beverages, tax/service fees). It also helps cover all other extra expenses of organizing this reunion.

If you only want to come to one of the events, you can purchase separate tickets.
Family Picnic Only: $5 per person (children are free)
Alumni Dinner Only: $22 per person

Also, there is a NEW deadline: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 is the last day you can purchase tickets. The prices will remain the same.

**Slideshow: We might not put together a slideshow, but still send in any pictures if you want, and we'd love to see current pictures if you have any.
**After you buy the ticket, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out via email and will use them to award prizes at the dinner.

Please register and purchase tickets by clicking on the "Buy Now" button in the category you desire, on the sidebar.

Please contact the Reunion Committee if you would like to send a check or if you have any questions.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Found Classmates

Here is a list of all the classmates we have found so far: (We don't have some of your married names, ladies, so if you wanted to let us know, that would be great!)
  1. Zack Adams
  2. Cody Ahlquist
  3. Nick Allen
  4. Ember (Wesemann) Anderson
  5. Jeremy Anderson
  6. Kevan Anderson
  7. Preston Andrew
  8. Emily (Archbold) Williams
  9. Heather Astle
  10. Lacey Bagley
  11. Jamie Baker
  12. Cindy (Barrett) Hennefer
  13. Marianne Bath
  14. Phillip Baum
  15. Chris Benson
  16. Zan Benson
  17. Rusty Bentley
  18. David Binns
  19. Kim (Blackett) Mercer
  20. Bethany Bladen
  21. Carrie (Blair) Brinkerhoff
  22. Jake Bleazard
  23. Spencer Bloxham
  24. Paul Bolton
  25. Dave Bona
  26. Arien (Boren) Card
  27. Gregory Bosh
  28. Jessica (Bowers) White
  29. Brad Boyle
  30. Michael Brady
  31. Shauna (Brady) Snow
  32. Amy (Brothers) Bushman
  33. Justin Brown
  34. Dustin Brudnicki
  35. Andrea (Bunnell) Hull
  36. Kristin (Burgon) Al-Mosawi
  37. Tyler Burnett
  38. Katie (Burton) Melo
  39. Angie (Bushnell) Baughman
  40. Ben Bytheway
  41. Demetrio Cabanillas
  42. Kaleb Call
  43. Marie (Camp) Richardson
  44. Carlton Candilora
  45. Lisa (Carter) Parker
  46. Gavin Catten
  47. Jody (Cecil) Waters
  48. Paul Chatterton
  49. Wendi Cheney
  50. Brett Christensen
  51. Karen (Christensen) Wilde
  52. Julie (Clark) Sutherland
  53. Sherri (Clark) Van Orman
  54. Scott Clugston
  55. Jennifer Collette
  56. Carly (Constantine) Richardson
  57. Rachelle (Cook) Rollins
  58. Adam Coon
  59. Buck Corser
  60. Kyle Cottam
  61. Teresa (Cox) Dahl
  62. Naomi Cranford
  63. Kim Cummings
  64. Andrew Curtis
  65. Danny Dale
  66. Jennifer (Dangerfield) Murray
  67. Brendon Davies
  68. Cyndi Davis
  69. Megan (Davis) Brown
  70. Joey Dawe
  71. Jamie (DeForest) Rowbery
  72. Jason DeForest
  73. Amy (Demie) Rex
  74. Chelsey (Deppe) Pattison
  75. Willie Dill
  76. Tom Dinkleman
  77. Emilee (Dodds) Carruth
  78. Lisa Dodge
  79. Nichole Duhaine
  80. Andy Erekson
  81. Kim (Evans) Corser
  82. Quinn Evans
  83. Jake Fackrell
  84. Michelle (Farmer) Taylor
  85. William Fawcett
  86. Tasa Flint
  87. Pete Fondaco
  88. Lisa France
  89. Kortney (Freeman) Lo
  90. Alicia (Fritsche) Brown
  91. Aaron Ganz
  92. Russ Gardner
  93. Morgan Garrett
  94. Sara (Garrett) Bruns
  95. Jeff Goddard
  96. Katie (Golden) Lewis
  97. Mike Golder
  98. Amy (Gott) Smith
  99. Brandon Gramse
  100. Jeremy Green
  101. Casey Hall
  102. Chris Hall
  103. Jennifer (Hall) Kajma
  104. Jacki (Hancey) Radcliffe
  105. Chris Hanna
  106. Shaun Hansen
  107. Jessi Hanson
  108. Nicole (Harguindeguy) Causey
  109. Mike Harrington
  110. Lisa (Hebertson) Conrady
  111. Julie Henderson
  112. Greg Henderson
  113. Alexis (Hennekis) Coplin
  114. Shari (Hofhine) Perry
  115. Heidi Holman
  116. Ryan Hutchins
  117. Nancy (Jacobs) Zabriskie
  118. Gene Jefferies
  119. Noelle (Jenkel) Warner
  120. Heather (Jensen) Shepherd
  121. Brandon Johnsen
  122. Britton Johnsen
  123. Jared Johnson
  124. Laurie (Johnson) Bischoff
  125. Melissa (Johnson) Adams
  126. Jenny (Jones) Aguirre
  127. Eric Kajma
  128. Travis Kaneko
  129. Jaden Kemp
  130. Eric Kenney
  131. Deborah Kerley
  132. Crystal (Kerr) Wallentine
  133. Cody Kesler
  134. Steve Kirk
  135. Brett Kitchen
  136. Thomas Klc
  137. Johnathon Knapton
  138. Chad Knopp
  139. Nichole (Kofford) King
  140. Kortney Krebs
  141. Dave Laga
  142. Jake Lambson
  143. Robby Lawrence
  144. David Lee
  145. Mark Lehnhof
  146. Colin Lewis
  147. Tiffany (Livsey) Zwahlen
  148. Karl Lundeberg
  149. Justin MacFarlane
  150. Amy (Madsen) Goeckeritz
  151. Brandon Madsen
  152. Jana Mann
  153. Sharie (Marchant) Jackson
  154. Brooke (Margetts) Kemp
  155. Amanda (Martinsen) Carver
  156. Sara (Martinsen) Toro
  157. Dustin Matsumori
  158. Mandy (McAllister) Evans
  159. Ryan McLelland
  160. Lloyd McQuillan
  161. Angie (Merrill) DePasquale
  162. Gary Merrill
  163. Jamie Merrill
  164. Courtenay Midgley
  165. Graham Mitchell
  166. Josh Morrey
  167. Paul Morris
  168. Philip Morrison
  169. Brian Naylor
  170. Sam Nelson
  171. Tyler Nevenner
  172. Jason Nguyen
  173. Jimmy Nielson
  174. Jennifer North
  175. Lauren (North) Barfuss
  176. Sherrie Odgen
  177. Britnie (Olsen) Sorensen
  178. Kim Ontiveros
  179. Rachel (Otteson) Dille
  180. Amber Pace
  181. Jaime (Packham) Boyce
  182. Kristen (Parkerson) Smith
  183. Alisha (Payne) Owens
  184. Aarin Penrose
  185. Nichole (Peterson) Conk
  186. Cori Philipoom
  187. Kim (Platt) Brown
  188. Daniel Poole
  189. Jaimee Potter
  190. Brian Poulsen
  191. Nathan Poulsen
  192. Bridget (Prehn) Gibbons
  193. Nina (Puikkonen) Mortensen
  194. Angie (Rasband) Bollard
  195. Marianne Rassmussen
  196. Brittany (Redding) Doll
  197. Kelly (Reynolds) McNett
  198. Steve Roberson
  199. Steve Robertson
  200. Bethany (Robinson) Fouts
  201. Erin Romney
  202. Kim (Rosander) Cunningham
  203. Kari (Ross) Poole
  204. Jeff Rowe
  205. Ami Sadler
  206. Meredith (Sager) McNett
  207. Nate Sakamoto
  208. Nate Salazar
  209. Ben Sandgren
  210. Katie (Sawyer) Hoff
  211. Monica (Schmidt) Peterson
  212. Brad Schvaneveldt
  213. Luke Siddoway
  214. Brad Smith
  215. Jason Snarr
  216. Kristi (Snarr) Vanderhoef
  217. Timothy Snider
  218. Ryan Snow
  219. Tyson Solorio
  220. Andy Sortor
  221. Melody (Spencer) Riches
  222. Cory Staley
  223. Kyle Staley
  224. Lauren (Steadman) Horsley
  225. Kristy (Steimle) Jorgensen
  226. Micah Stevens
  227. Anna (Sutherland) Jensen
  228. Paul Suzuki
  229. Russ Swalberg
  230. Brad Tavey
  231. Daryn Taylor
  232. Jennifer (Taylor) Kessler
  233. Ryan Taylor
  234. Ben Teran
  235. LeeAnn (Terry) Burnett
  236. Stephanie (Thornwall) Stubbs
  237. Shanna (Thorstrom) Jack
  238. Mike Torrey
  239. Sari (Totten) Olschewski
  240. Lyndsey (Trujillo) Halloran
  241. Bethany (Tuckett) Hansen
  242. Danielle (Tuckett) Ahlquist
  243. Spender Tuft
  244. Lynndi (Tye) Wilson
  245. Dan Ulrich
  246. Dave Updike
  247. Angie (VanOostendorp) Bloxham
  248. BJ VanWagoner
  249. Amanda Vanzeben
  250. Aimee (Vincent) Wilson
  251. Ben Walker
  252. Sunny Walters
  253. Rachel (Ward) Gonzales
  254. Marcie Waters
  255. Jeff Watts
  256. Tina (Wayman) Burgon
  257. Cameron Webb
  258. Danny West
  259. Nikki (Westenskow) Pearson
  260. Ashley (Wheat) Murray
  261. Jennifer Wheatley
  262. Erin Wightman
  263. Alli (Willahan) Bahr
  264. Troy Williams
  265. Travis Wintch
  266. Rob Winterhalder
  267. Sadie (Winterowd) Grant
  268. Tanya (Workman) Buckwalter
  269. Jeff Worthington
  270. Ryan Wright
  271. Neil Wyatt
  272. Jacob Zabriskie
  273. Brooke (Zollinger) Scott

Let me know if there are any misspellings too. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keep 'em coming!

Looks like we've found over half of our class so far, so thank you! Keep the info coming!! There are still A LOT of people we need to find. We will be posting more details about the reunion in the next couple of weeks, including ticket pricing, so keep your eyes open. It's hard to believe that summer's here and that the big event is coming in a few short months.

Also, we are planning on making a slideshow with pictures from then and now, so we're asking everyone to please email in any pictures you have. Including shots of the old high school and different events (like Homecoming, Senior Ball/Assembly, Graduation, etc etc etc), the burning "M"...just scan them if possible and send via email. We'd appreciate it! In the next few weeks, we're also going to try to setup a photo album with a page for each classmate, so we'll send out a call for that info soon.

This was way longer than I planned, so I'll stop here! :) Thanks again!